Work Address 

Home Address

Computer Science Department 704 Main Street
St. Bonaventure UniversityOlean, NY 14760
St. Bonaventure, NY 14778 (716) 373-2870

Teaching Experience

        St. Bonaventure University

1988 - 2003

Chair, Computer Science Department
1992 - PresentProfessor of Computer Science
1987 - 1992Associate Professor of Computer Science
1984 - 1986Associate Professor of Philosophy
1979 - 1986Assistant Professor of Philosophy


        St. Francis College (Brooklyn)

1977 - 1979 Assistant Professor of Philosophy



Wabash College
 Crawfordsville, IN
 BA in Economics
1978 Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research
 New York, NY
 MA, Ph.D. in Philosophy
1986 - 87State University of New York at Buffalo
 Buffalo, NY
 Computer Science Graduate Courses

Areas of Specialization

Database Management Systems 

Windows/Web Application DevelopmentRobotics

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Computer Science I 

Computer Science II
Artificial IntelligenceRobotics and Computer Vision
Database Management SystemsExpert System Design
Programming LanguagesParallel Computation

Program and Research Grants

2002Information Technology Scholars Program
 National Science Foundation CSEMS Grant 0123027

Establish a scholarship program for students majoring in computer science and planning careers as information technology professionals. The grant supports four students entering in 2002 for four years and four students entering in 2003 for three years at a level of $3,125 per year.

2000Undergraduate Robotics Laboratory
 National Science Foundation CCL-AI Grant 9980999
 Implement an eight-station robotics laboratory based on the Khepera robot to support an undergraduate course, Robotics and Computer Vision, and to introduce robotics as a thread in the computer science undergraduate curriculum.
1995Microsoft Developers Curriculum Project

Microsoft Corporation

 Awarded: 7/95
 Develop courseware for Computer Science I, Computer Science II, Database Management Systems, Computers and Computer Applications, and Information Management Systems as part of Microsoft’s Curriculum Development Project. All course materials will be made available via the World Wide Web.

Undergraduate Graphics Laboratory


National Science Foundation ILI Grant 9551854 


Awarded: 5/95

 Develop a PC laboratory to support an introduction to graphics course for non-science majors. The course would serve as an introduction to science and as a motivation to the additional study of science and mathematics for non-science majors.

1992 Parallel Computation Laboratory

 National Science Foundation ILI Grant
 Awarded: 6/92 9251180
 Purchase of a 16 node, multi-user multi-computer board hosted by a workstation and software to support a Parallel Computation course and to support labs that introduce parallel computation in the core Computer Science curriculum.

Upper Division UNIX Laboratory

 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
 Awarded: 6/90
 Acquire workstations to develop a UNIX laboratory to support upper division Computer Science courses.

NSF Workshops

2001Cyber Security Workshop
 Workshop at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to explore computer system vulnerability to unwanted attack and intrusion and methods of prevention.
2000First Year Instruction 2000
 Workshop to explore alternative approaches to the teaching the first two courses in the undergraduate computer science curriculum
1996Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Workshop
 Develop courseware for undergraduate Artificial Intelligence courses.
1992-94Adding Breadth and Laboratories to the Computer Science Curriculum
 Three-year project to develop closed formal labs for the first four courses in the Computer Science curriculum.
1989Parallel Computation
 Workshop designed to assist faculty in developing courses on parallelism. A group formed from the original group, UParCC, has published a laboratory text featuring labs and case studies on parallelism.


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Parsing as Search 2: An Easier to Understand ATN Interpreter,'' with David Patrone and Scott Alexander. Available via the web, http://web/

Parallel Threads: Parallel Computation Labs for CS 3 and CS 4, '' 26th Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, SIGCSE Bulletin 27, 1. New York, NY. March 1995.

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Searching in Parallel: A Case Study with the Single Source Shortest Path Algorithm, with Laboratory Manual and Instructor's Guide," Parallel Computation Laboratories, ed. C. Nevison et al., Jones and Bartlett, Austin, TX, 1994.

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Towards a Computational Phenomenology,'' Man and World 17,261 1984). Also in Phenomenology and the Human Sciences, ed. J.N. Mohanty, (Nijhoff, 1985).

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A Priori and World: European Contributions to Husserlian Phenomenology, co-editor, co-translator with W. McKenna and L. Winters. (Nijhoff, 1981).

Wittgenstein's Critical Project,'' Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, 6,2 (1977).

Research Reports

Scout: Using Environmental Features to Enhance Localization Using a Topological Map, with Matthew Cowles and Jamie Casilio. July, 2002

A Robust Mapper of Unknown Environments, with David B. Levine, Joshua Goodberry, Michael T. Neel and Brian C. Zimmel, May, 2001.

Parsing as Search 2: An Easier to Understand ATN Interpreter, with David Patrone and Scott Alexander. May, 1996


Research Fellowships and Grants

1993St. Bonaventure Summer Research Fellowship
1991St. Bonaventure Summer Research Grant
1990St. Bonaventure Summer Research Fellowship
1983National Endowment for the Humanities
1982St. Bonaventure Summer Research Grant
1980National Endowment for the Humanities

University Service

1988-2003 Chair, Computer Science Department
1985-86, 92-93, 94-Present University Finance Committee

University Technology Committee

1999-2001Commission for the Future
1996-97Faculty Representative, Science Advisory Council
1995Search Committee for Technology Director
1994-95University Technology Planning Commission
1992Search Committee for Arts and Sciences Dean
1984-86Director of the University Honors Council


References are available on request