Accessing and Installing PathSim

PathSim is a simulator for the simple data path discussed in chapter 4 of

Computer Organization and Design, 5th ed.
David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2013

The simulator was previously written as a Java applet imbedded in HTML. It is now a Java application written in Java 8 (javafx) and delivered here as an executable jar file (PathSim.jar). Running as a standalone application avoids the security issues that were arising when it was an applet in html.

The simulator presents a graphical depiction of the architecture shown in chapter 4 and allows its users to enter MIPS assembly code and step-wise execute through the assembled machine code while viewing the values placed on the data lines with each instruction

PathSim, Copyright (C) 2016, is distributed through a ZIP file as free software by the author Dalton R. Hunkins. You will obtain the jar file when you extract the zip file along with a folder named HelpFiles. The contents of the HelpFiles starting with HelpPathSim.html provides a describe on how to use PathSim and also a suggested lab exercise.

  Click here to download the zip file, which contains the jar file and the help folder.

Hope you enjoy the simulator. You can contact the author with any questions and, of course, comments are appreciated.

Dalton R. Hunkins, Professor
Computer Science Department
St. Bonaventure University

Date last modified: August 30, 2016