Departmental Grants and Awards

2007   Inside the Mind of a Robot
George I. Alden Trust
Robert Harlan and Anne Foerst
Awarded March, 2007

Acquire a MobileRobots PeopleBot® robot, a full-sized robot designed to interact with humans. The robot will support the design of planning systems that enable it to carry out tasks and will support experimentation on human-robot interaction.

2001   Bonaventure Information Technology Scholarship Program
NSF Logo
National Science Foundation CSEMS Grant 0123027
Robert Harlan,  David Levine and Steven Andrianoff
Awarded October, 2001 

Establish a scholarship program for students majoring in computer science and planning careers as information technology professionals. The grant supports four students entering in 2002 for four years and four students entering in 2003 for three years at a level of $3,125 per year.

2000    Bonaventure Robotics Laboratory
NSF Logo
National Science Foundation Award 9980999
Investigators: Robert Harlan(PI) and David Levine
Awarded: 5/2000

Develop an eight-workstation robotics laboratory to support a course on robotics and computer vision and to support undergraduate and faculty robotics research. When complete, the lab will consist of eight Khepera miniature robots, four gripper modules for object manipulation, four vision modules for 2-D image processing, and a full-sized Koala robot. 

1995     Microsoft Developers Curriculum Project
Microsoft Corporation
Robert Harlan, Steven Andrianoff, Darwin King
Awarded: 7/95

Develop courseware for Computer Science I, Computer Science II, Database Management Systems, Computers and Computer Applications, and Information Management Systems as part of Microsoft’s Curriculum Development Project. All course materials will be made available via the World Wide Web.

1995     Undergraduate Graphics Laboratory
NSF LogoNational Science Foundation Award 9551854
Dalton Hunkins (PI), Robert Harlan, Steven Andrianoff
Awarded: 5/95

Develop a PC laboratory to support an introduction to graphics course for non-science majors. The course would serve as an introduction to science and as a motivation to the additional study of science and mathematics for non-science majors.

1992     Parallel Computation Laboratory
NSF LogoNational Science Foundation Award 9251180
Robert Harlan (PI)
Awarded: 6/92

Purchase of a 16 node, multi-user multi-computer board hosted by a workstation and software to support a Parallel Computation course and to support labs that introduce parallel computation in the core Computer Science curriculum. The hardware and software have been retire.

1990     Upper Division UNIX Laboratory
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Steven Andrianoff and Robert Harlan

Awarded: 6/90

Acquire workstations to develop a UNIX laboratory to support upper division Computer Science courses.

1990     Parallel Processing Equipment
SGS Thomson, Inmos Division
Robert Harlan
Awarded: 7/90

Acquire an 8-node multi-computer board hosted by a PC to support a Parallel Computation course.

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